Shaunak V-Force Team

Shaunak Chakraborty

V-Force Coordinator, member of UNV India V-Force Team.

Shaunak Chakraborty  is an Indian social worker, writer, author, poet, and the founder of the Noble Work Foundation. He is the chairperson of Fridays For Future Virtual.  He joined V-Force India in September 2019, in April 2020 during the COVID-19 campaign he had worked in the V-Force Translation Team to translate the COVID graphics in Hindi language. 

During the International Youth Day and International Volunteer Day 2020 he had served as a V-Force Mentor to guide the volunteers. On 23 July 2021 he had joined the V-Force Coordinators team as a coordinator and started managing the community with other 4 coordinators. He had also worked for the V-Awards 2021 team. 



During His tenure with UNV India’s V-Force Program, He engaged Himself in the following activities:

Planning: Being part of campaign planning team, incorporating the UN Values. Support in executing V-Force Campaigns, International UN Days Campaign- IWD, IYD, WED and IVD to promote Volunteerism and SDGs among Youth.

Volunteer Management: Mobilizing Volunteers during the campaigns and engaging them in events and activities led by UNV India. Supported in resolving queries of volunteers across India to increase their engagement and interaction with the V-Force team.

Research: Collaborated with other Coordinators in assignment designing. Collating material and relevant information regarding Covid-19, UN Days campaign from UN Agencies, Indian Government Agencies and Partners.

Communication and social media: Responsible for creating content to increase V-Force’s presence over Social Media Channels and moderating webinars.

Technical Skill support: Supported V-Force Volunteers in learning the skills to be part of the program, and managed the V-Force website.